The Afghan Boy: A Reflection

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The Boy in Afghanistan

This past summer (and leading up to it) Afghanistan was brought to the attention of the world because of the rapid withdrawal of U. S. Troops, after more than 20 years of rebuilding and, some would say, occupying that country.

Unfortunatetly, the growing vacuum was filled — once again — by the Taliban and so many people tried to flee. There were many efforts to get those out who wanted to go. And, as I listened in what was happening, clearly the enemy of souls was having a day with his kingdom of darkness enveloping a people who only wish to be left alone.

Among those is this beautiful little boy. To me, he represents all children caught in the midst of dark times and dark places in all of history. The innocent suffer the most when darkness pushes back.

But, I promise you, when you listen to this reflection, it does not end where it begins. I finish with hope. As this ministry is all about, it is about the glorious hope that is the end of The Story.

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