How We Overcome in the War

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It was only a few short weeks in the summer and fall of 1991. But my life would never be the same after. It began by walking into that Taco Bell, spending a lot of time with Tawnya, getting to know her mom and dad, getting a set of orders to go overseas to Japan, then starting to attend meetings her dad was doing at his church. 

Day by day, moment to moment, and meeting to meeting God was patiently and slowly revealing himself to me in new ways. I found answers to questions. I saw my story was definitely a part of a larger Story. 

One thing I emphasize here is how important it is for a church to welcome outsiders. New people. Guests. Maybe those who don’t appear as appealing. 

If, after I started seeing people at that little church in Homestead, Florida, they started telling how to live my life — I am sure I would have said, “Thanks but no thanks.” Instead, I found a wonderful group of very friendly and welcoming people who wanted me to be there! 

In our Bible study time together, you will find practical ways to help you overcome in this all-encompassing war we find ourselves in. 

Here are the books I mention in this episode for you to check out:

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