The Story of Prayer – Chapter Two

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Finally…after many months of delay and all kinds of things happening in my story, I have published the latest installment — the next chapter in The Story of Prayer. I will also restart telling parts of my story after this series is done.

I think having shorter episodes will help you as well.

In this first episode/chapter where we spend more time within the tabernacle itself, we cover three places to help us in our prayer structure and framework:

  • Entering the gates with thanks and praise
  • Time at the alter of sacrifice and laver basin
  • The candlestick within the Holy Place

All of these have meaning and can help us move through our prayer time with intention. They have helped me immensely through the years, even if I haven’t done them daily. Every time I intentionally walk through these in my mind and imagination while praying I find myself getting closer and closer to God.

A better prayer life will help you continue to overcome as Revelation 12:11 says we can. Here are a couple of depictions of the alter of sacrifice, laver, and candlestick.

Notice on the left the smoke coming from the altar of sacrifice and the laver for washing to its right.
The golden candlestick depicting almond leaves, which symbolize new life.

Meanwhile, please share below so others can see parts of your story, and maybe we can talk on the podcast!