The Story of Prayer – Chapter Five

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As we finish our time of prayer, we finish with confidence.

Because we’ve been cleansed by Jesus’ blood and filled with the Holy Spirit and given away our prayers for others, we can now come into God’s very presence! Even if we’ve been doing it all along, it’s a beautiful thing to know we can approach God as we would a friend.

And, as promised, click here to download a PDF outline of this whole framework.

God wants to connect with us. He wants to dwell with us. It is for us to choose it now in this life by faith, so in the next, we can walk and talk with him in person!

Imagine walking with Jesus himself on the new earth out on an open prairie somewhere and the conversation is…what? What will you talk to him about in that moment?

The glory of the Father’s face is shining from the throne off in the distance. The sweet Holy Spirit is caressing your faces in the breeze and all is well.

What what do you want to talk to God about?

He’s waiting with love.

The golden Mercy Seat in the Most Holy Place

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