The Story of the Sabbath – Chapter One

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As I mention in this new episode, I have been looking forward to this series for a long time. It’s a highly important topic to me — especially after reading a wonderful book a few years ago and, one I will be drawing from for this series: The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day by Sigve Tonstad. I even hope to interview him for this series if I can.

If you happen to be listening to these in order, you may also notice I haven’t finished telling and updating my own story. I will mix these in with stand-alone episodes until caught up.

Also, be patient with me as I pace myself to get this series out there. I want to avoid simply rehashing what is already in some great books I have for research. I am prayerfully and slowly asking God to show me how to present this in a way that is relevent and like, well, storytelling.

One book I read much from for this episode (and I can’t say I won’t in the future) is The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel. I love his insights and perspective from a lifetime of immersion in the Jewish life and significance of the Sabbath for him, and for us to read.

Enjoy this introductiory chapter.

Meanwhile, please share below so others can see parts of your story, and maybe we can talk on the podcast!