The Story of the Sabbath – Chapter Two

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The Priority of Worship

The 10 Commandments set the stage for worship. Or, I should say, they reaffirm the stage and help us — to this very day — to know the stage never left, nor has it been for any one nation.

The Seventh day Sabbath is more relevant than most people realize. It will get more relevant as The Story nears its close for our planet.

As promised on the podcast, here are the corresponding questions for each of the first four commandments:

  1. What or who comes before our Creator God in our daily living? 
  2. What have we made with our hands (or in our minds) that we bow to in deference and submission, or put above God in some way? 
  3. What have we named that has this kind of authority in our lives?
  4. Do we have 24 hours in our lives where we can magnify or concentrate on all of these?

Meanwhile, please share below so others can see parts of your story, and maybe we can talk on the podcast